Brother accidentally put female leo in male's tank


Yuuup. Just what it sounds like.
The female has subtle little bite marks all over her from the male nipping, nothing that quite breaks the skin. The male is unscathed, indicating that she didn't bite him back. I've no idea whether they mated or not, and I've no idea how long she was in there. More than a few hours for sure.
The female is a plump 4 year old midnight blizzard, and the male is a 7 year old... I actually dunno his morph. Here's a pic of him. 20200415_102919-1.jpg
Neither have any health issues that I'm aware of.

Now...what in the world do I do here? I have a potentially gravid leo on my hands, and none of the supplies needed to incubate an egg. I have no experience. Who would even take the babies? What would they look like?
Please give any advice you have, if you can.


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Yeah, well I cannot even tell what he is like visually and there is no chance to know what is he het for. So, there is no way to tell what the babies will look like, most probably it will be normals.
You can either wait for her to drop the eggs and then just throw them out or you can try to incubate them and raise the babies. They will not be worth much, but it will be a very interesting experience for you.
You don´t have to buy an incubator, just make your own, there are tons of videos on youtube.


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It's the end of the mating season so she may not even have been ovulating. One choice, as mentioned above, is to educate yourself and make a setup where you can incubate the eggs, if there are any eggs. You can google "leopard gecko ovulation" to see pictures of what that looks like (2 round pink blobs in mid-abdomen). It's not like cats. The females don't go into heat and the male doesn't care whether or not she's ovulating.
If there's no sign of ovulation it's likely there won't be eggs. If there is, eventually you'll be able to see the eggs as large white ovals, one on either side of the abdomen. Make sure she has a place to dig. A plastic container with a hole cut in the top and coco fiber usually does the trick. If there are herp societies near you, contact them and see if anyone will incubate the eggs for you. You could even put that request on craigslist. Good luck!