Daughter's Giant Day Gecko


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Hi, so my youngest daughter received a Giant Day Gecko for her birthday recently we we're giving all the essentials but with no info on how to care for the reptile. Obviosly i've done my research but the one thing i'm CONFUSED on is the night light requirements. Do I need one???? so far i've been having both the ubv bulb and blue day light on during the day and off around 9ish or so... so, AGAIN, do i need one? i keep reading that red light bulbs are a NO NO for them. Are infrared bulbs ok? or do i use an emmiter light??. or how about the Night heat lamp(bulb)???

also want to add the room temp doesnt drop below 75degrees F.

Thanks for any assistant.


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I agree, night light is unnecessary. None of my geckos, either day geckos like your giant day gecko or nocturnal geckos have night lights and everyone is fine.



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Hi and welcome to the forum,

As a keeper of Giant Day Geckos I can confirm that no night light is required for these animals as long as temperatures stay around room temperature at night [68-75] at night. These are great outgoing reptiles and have been known to recognize their keepers.


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The only reason you would need a nighttime heat source is if the room temp would drop below 60. Could be a power outage during winter if you are in the north. If this where ever the case, you would need infrared heat via an under tank heater side mounted with tape, or a ceramic heat emitter. Being that day geckos are diurnal (awake during the day) they won't sleep with any light on at night. Similar to light sensitive humans! lol