Help! My AFT hasn’t pooped yet!


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Hi all, on Saturday the 29th August we picked up our new AFT gecko and love him to bits. He’s fully grown but not 100% on his age. He eats crickets just fine but unsure on mealworms yet. However, just one problem, he hasn’t pooped yet! I don’t know what’s wrong, I’m worried about impaction because I’m not sure what his previous owner kept him on, but he’s still eating lots, about 5-8 crickets every other day. I’m keeping him on paper towel but have some ecoearth I’m thinking about moving him onto. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Rachael x


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Congrats on your gecko. I have had geckos go for weeks without pooping so it may be fine. Check under the paper towels in the corners and you may find some surprises. Most fat tail geckos won't eat mealworms.