10 gallon holding tank while i refurbish main enclosure?


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Hi all,

I'm taking a deep dive into sprucing up the ol' gecko palace for my Grandis pair [currently a 24 wide 18 deep 36 tall enclosure. ].

Currently, my female has been doing well in a 12x12x18 but my male is still in the main enclosure. I unfortunately don't have another exo terra for them to hang out in while I do work but do have a standard 10 gallon sitting in my basement. I was thinking of keeping him there for a few days while I update their main tank. Just wanted to see if anyone ever used a hold over tank while updating a new tank, just curious how long I really have before I have to worry about stress kicking in from being in a 10 gallon.



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I used to take my leopard geckos to reptile shows which involved them being in deli cups for 24 hours. I have a friend who moved house and had his geckos in deli cups in a cooler for 2 days. Everyone was OK. I'm not saying 2 days is the limit, but that did work OK and was a much smaller space.



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Thanks Aliza

that help with me with my options, as I'm trying to take into account how long it'll take to develop the the background.