P. Grandis— enclosure too small?


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Hi..! I recently obtained a terrarium that had been abandoned. It has a nice background, a cascade system with water pump and half a misting system in place.
The dimensions are: 41x41x60 height in cms, that is according to google: 16x16x24.
I am attaching some pictures of it’s current (abandoned) state.
I figured I could get everything running, make it a planted vivarium with some HID lamp and LED for plants, several branches and so on... I’ve always wanted a P. grandis and I’m reading A LOT about them... however... I’m now worried that the tank is too small? I don’t have anything inside. I pretty much picked this up as is for 50€.

Think this will be too small for a single adult? I could also fix it and keep a juvenile while I work on a larger one and then resell the tank all fixed up.. or just scratch the whole thing and get a larger tank... another thing I thought about was getting a smaller day gecko but I really love the giant day gecko...

Maybe after all the branches and plants it won’t be so small for a single adult?

I would LOVE any suggestions! Thanks!

Photos below:
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I've thought about this a lot too, and I feel that the minimum size is 18x18x24, but yours is pretty close, so I think it's reasonable to go with it. You may decide that you want to give your gecko more space so you could upgrade if you think it makes sense.