Incubation temps??


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Hi!! I'm a bit in a dilemma as I am expecting eggs soon. I have all the basics down and done, and all I am worried about is the stability of the temperature of the eggs.

At morning, it is at around 30 degrees celsius and gradually decreases to around 27-28 degrees celsius at night time. Would this be okay? Incubators are out of the question because it's pretty expensive to get them where I'm from.


I've tried putting them in a styrofoam cooler and the plastic cooler one, it retains the heat a bit longer but eventually gets to 27-28 degrees anyway.

Any help would be very very much appreciated!! Thanks!:biggrin:


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The steadiness of the temperatures is pretty important. There are ways to make you own incubator and google should help you out there. The most important thing is to have the best thermostat you can get. A proportional thermostat is best. It increases or decreases the amount of power the heater gets, kind of like a dimmer, as opposed to just turning the heater on and off.



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How did the incubating go? I made some cheap incubators qhen i first started and they worked brilliantly. Often wonder why i spent £150 on a reptibator, when that worked so well. Maybe could help if it happens again.

Just realised you already looked at it :)
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