O.monilis concerns


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I obtained two O.monilis females a little over two weeks ago. I spoke with breeder and have followed up a few times to make sure my husbandry was right, as the cage was initially going to be for some day geckos.
At this point I am concerned they are not eating enough. I do see one of them out at night.
Enclosure is a 18x18x24 with lots of cover and a basking spot in the mid 80s.
The person I got them from suggested this setup and suggested putting 10 to 15 crickets in the cage 3x a week.
My concern is that a lot of stuff in the cage, and finding food might be an issue.
I am honestly considering a rehome or trade, because maybe these aren't the geckos for me😔


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I don't keep these geckos and have no experience with them, however I do keep multiple species of geckos and some of your concerns, at least in my opinion, are not unique to O. monilis. This is a very common concern I hear from new owners of crested and gargoyle geckos, especially if they are living in a planted environment. It was certainly a concern of mine when I got my first day gecko more than 15 years ago. I was really worried that this juvenile gecko in a large enclosure would never be able to find her food.
Most new owners of gargoyle and crested geckos in planted enclosures don't see their geckos eating and get very concerned. I don't think I saw my first crestie actually eating for at least the first 6 months I had him (he's 15 years old now). I can't guarantee this, but there's a very good chance your geckos are finding their food and eating, and you're just not seeing it. In a way, you can consider the need to search and hunt to be an enrichment activity for these geckos. In the wild they would be spending nearly all their waking hours searching for food! I have also found that some people have issues with anxiety and this manifests in feelings about gecko care (I know nothing about you, and am just mentioning this as a possibility). I ended up writing an article about it for Gecko Time (https://geckotime.com/when-is-worry-too-much-worry/). I hope this information is helpful.



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Thanks. Needed to hear that. I am wondering if that is the csse. I checked the cage after work and saw some poop on the plants so I assume theyare eating!