Silkworm questions!


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Hiya! Hoping someone can answer these questions I have about silkworms which I'm planning to feed my new AFT with.

1. How many silkworms should I feed my gecko each feeding time? The only thing I can find is that the food should be no bigger than the space between their eyes, and that you should feed 2 insects for every inch of body length, but does this apply to silkworms? I've seen people on videos feeding nowhere near this amount.
EDIT- I've also seen people say feed as many as the gecko will eat in 15 minutes?? Which one is true? >.<

2. I was thinking of buying batches in 2 sizes, one big enough for the gecko to eat immediately and another smaller so that they grow big enough by the time the first batch has run out. is there any way to slow down their growth? And what size would be perfect for an adult fat tail?

3. Since they contain a lot of calcium, do I still need to give the gecko a calcium supplement?

4. Again- what size should I buy?! lol

Thanks in advance ~ :roll:
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I don't know what sizes are available to you. I recommend getting medium, if that's an option. Start with something like 4 and see what they do with them. If they seem to be looking for more, give a few more. They will likely not eat the same amount every day, just like us. It's really a question of trying things out and figuring out what your gecko likes. As I mentioned in a post on another thread, there's no guarantee that AFT's will eat worms, but there's one way to find out. I'd recommend that you have a backup plan just in case. I also think you should dust the silkworms with calcium and vitamin D3 just to be sure they're getting enough calcium.