Small Juvenile Leopard Gecko MBD + Crust in eyes


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Hey everyone, recently I picked up two leopard geckos from someone rehoming on craigslist. One of these geckos however; has multiple issues. The person claimed that the gecko had enigma syndrome.

When I arrived home, multiple issues were apparent.

The gecko with problems:
- has really severe MBD ** does the army crawl on its front legs to move some
One eye has black dried up gunk on it
** I cleaned up its' eye a bit and the part of the eye I can see is really cloudy still. I assume likely due to the gunk in its' eye **
The other eye also has this black dried up gunk on it. However this eye is smaller it seems. *** And in almost fully closed state.

The sad part is it's going through a shed. But how will it get the shed off without assistance?

I can not think of what the quality of life will be for this gecko. I am making an appt. with a vet who thankfully has pretty decent reviews with herps. I am thinking though; that I might have to have this gecko euthanized.

Any thoughts?


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So when I rescued I really didn’t know what to expect. I have never seen a gecko in this condition before, especially one with mbd this progressed in person

Main issues I noticed off the bat were:

Possible Mouth Rot
Eye Infections / Eye Issues
Problems shedding

This is the plan I started based on research of other symptoms:

First was getting food and water into this gecko.

I used a syringe to give water 2 times a day.
Also used syringe to feed ReptaBoost

Within 5 days, I saw improvement and lethargy was quite minimal.
After I tried mixing in partial meal worms and at first was a no, however after 2 force feeding they started to lap up meal worm guts (ew) then lunge at the smell and taste of meal works.

Second (during first step ) was the eye cleaning / rinsing usually after feeding. Just soaked in very shallow warm water. ( since he could not stand upright) also did q tip cleanings.
Was recommended terramycin after a week I got and it fixed right eye but not second.

********** Edit: Including possible mouth rot treatment **********

I noticed it looked like he had early stages mouth rot. I was reading online, and saw someone said they tried Neosporin (Original, no added medicine / no pain relief) for 5 days and it went away for their gecko. So I figured doesn't hurt to try while I wait for the vet appt.

It got rid of the (what I think was) mouth rot.


-> had free time and scheduled a vet appt.

Before pictures


During his “ treatment”


As you can see his other eye looked not so hot.
So after the vet this is him :

After :

He currently weighs 19 grams

He’s shedding but I’ll post more pics tomorrow

Still shedding, but finally sleeping with two eyes closed.
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Definitely on the mend. It shows that for some geckos, even if it looks like a lost cause, it's worth a try.



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Yeah I just couldn't go through with the ...sleep option... without at least giving him one chance with me to improve.