New owner, and leopard gecko emergency help needed.

I've had my leopard gecko for about 2 months now. He was perfectly fine two days ago and then last night I noticed he was sleeping more than normal and didn't come out immediately when I turned his day lights off. I checked him and he is stiff everywhere but reacts by arching when you touch him. I do not have any idea what happened. His tank was carpeted but I removed everything to limit if it was something in his cage. He eats mealworms, super worms, waxworks and crickets and some SF lava. I dust his food every other feeding. Temp is at 76-89 normal with warm/wet hide at 93 with a UTH on a thermostat.
I don't know what I have done wrong and I want to fix it if it isn't too late. He pooped every night up until last night when this happened. Normal stools. Very healthy appetite up until now as well.
He wasn't dropped, I had not held him much up until this point.
He opens his mouth and almost like a gasp a few times in a row. Head tilts up and back sorta when he's held. No control over front arms I can tell, and can occasionally move his back legs.
Currently I am soaking him in warm water and giving belly messages to try to see if he is impacted and making sure he is drinking because I know he was dehydrated. He was going into shed when this happened but after soaking twice his shed came off itself last night.
Can anyone give me any direction? I know I should immediately take him to a vet and if I could I would but I can't get him seen until next week.