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Hey! I have a mystery morph leopard gecko here. It comes from a tangerine × rainwater albino, WY, tangerine parents. All of it's siblings are tangerines but this one is different. It looked different scince it hatched. It has those very small spots on it's tail and head. I'm worried it's an enigma, though there has not been any signs of the enigma syndrome. It really should not be an enigma scince neither it's parents or grandparents have enigma. What do you all think? Pictures of it as an hatchling and now.


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Enigmas usually hatch with a few blobby spots on head and body. This one is not an enigma. It looks like a gecko that just didn't get many of the parents' genetic "goodies". The coloring does have a tangerine cast but it's not really orange. It has broken body bands and marginally broken tail bands, so, while you could call it a jungle, "aberrant" is a better call. It has a few body spots and if those stay it will be a hypo, otherwise a super hypo.