Social behavior


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I have a question about crestie social behavior. I know they're solitary, but is there any benefit at all to occasionally being around another crestie? Technically my two cresties (both female) are always next to each other in their separate tanks anyways, but I was wondering if supervising them together would do anything for them mentally, maybe like a little bit of enrichment.

Just a thought I had, any input is super appreciated :+)


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I have 4 females cresties and 2 males. The males are kept separately, and the females, the mother and 3 offspring (hatched 2017) are kept together in a large enclosure. I do find them sometimes close to each other in the cage but I never see anything I'd consider social behavior (licking each other, following each other around - which, in most geckos is more likely to be bullying than being social - or anything else).
I recommend that if you do want to see if they get along, you try it in a neutral environment (i.e. set up a new enclosed space). If they have tails, consider not doing this if you want to be sure they keep their tails.