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Hello! I'm Jolty. I've had many pets in my life, from hamsters to fish to hedgehogs to snails, but I am new to geckos! My brother's partner has recently undergone some life changes and didn't feel like she had enough time to look after her crested gecko. We didn't want to see her pet go too far, so now I have a crested gecko.

She's one year old and weighs 3 grams. She was checked out by the vet a week ago, and aside from needing to be dewormed, she's healthy -- just very small for her age. She was actually a surprise -- my brother's girlfriend's friend had a bunch of geckos and discovered her in the bottom of the tank. Since then, she's been living in a Critter Keeper and being fed Pangea Growth & Breeding formula.

She's skittish, but tolerant of brief handling, and still has her tail.

Once she's 10 grams, I'm going to move her into a bioactive tank, but right now I'm focusing on helping her grow.

Here's a photo of her!

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Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, Jolty! What a cute photo of your new pet!

Make sure your crestie has lots of cover. Thoroughly mist her enclosure 1x per day in the evenings. Let her environment dry out during the day.

My crestie has a fat bamboo tube he uses as his "sleeping bag".