Crested gecko sleeping more


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My crested gecko Frankie (9 months old, 12 grams, male) has been sleeping more the past week.
I find him sleeping at night which he never did in the past.
The only different is it’s colder now and his lights go on and off earlier than before because of day light savings and the time of year. His cage temp never goes lower than 68. Hes temps are not very different from before. The other night he even slept all night and all day! He was only up for a few hours and went to bed by 10! Is he brumating? Is this normal? Should it happen?
Cage size: 12 x 12 x 18 (I’m working on upgrading)
Humidity: 50 - 90%
Temps: 68 - 78
Lights go off at 6 -7pm and on at 6-7 am
No special lighting just natural light and my lamp
Is fed Pangea daily and eats insects 1-2 a week, recently gave him a break from insects and HeS down to insects only once a week because I want him to eat Pangea
I’ve checked his calcium sacs they look perfect, he’s peeing and pooping normally
At night I have led lights in my room I leave on blue usually and only for a little then he gets pure darkness after, (the led lights are just for me and my enjoyment it’s not his lights what so ever)


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Some geckos do get less active in the winter. I don't think it's necessarily temperature related, but may be due to ambient light. How do you know your gecko is sleeping (since it doesn't have eyelids). My crested geckos may be very still sometimes but they're not necessarily sleeping. Also, if you had your gecko as a juvenile and now it's an adult he may just be less active.