First DIY foam & grout hide & features project questions - Please help


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Hello everyone
I am wanting to make some custom foam & grout hides/features for my gecko's terrarium. Right now I am looking at using these foam sheets:
Regular Great Stuff expanding spray foam for filling in spots/helping to create bumps/textures
This grout:
Please let me know if there are any better products than what I have linked here. I have seen some recommend to use epoxy grout instead of regular cement type grout instead of having to seal everything but I still want to paint the pieces to make it look more natural than just a solid grout color, if there is an inexpensive way to do this with epoxy grout or if you know of a good cheap epoxy grout please let me know.

I am still trying to find the best sealant to make it all as waterproof as possible while keeping it safe for geckos. Please let me know what sealants you have used and how well they stand up to water and or reptile waste and cleaning.
Here in Puerto Rico this is the best locally available sealant I have found please let me know if you think this will work and be safe:
Thank you!

Elizabeth Freer

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Hello ~

Most these issues I can't help you with. Sorry about that. I hope someone stops by who's experienced with DIY projects.

Here's the link to the safe water-base, low voc sealant I recommend to seal slate. Go for water-based sealants. Be sure to let sealants off-gas prior to adding Twitch.

For link 163 click: Slate Cheese Trays 16" x 12" (11.8 inches = actual width) x 0.3 inch for Leo Substrate . . . . . . Gutler & Odinsmom -- November 2020 (updated)

Many thanks also goes to Geckos Unlimited's member Odinsmom!!! As of October 2020 she recommends Montauk's reasonably priced slate.

Montauk 18" x 36" Slate Field Tile in Blue
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Thank you Elizabeth. I have ordered that sealant and have most of the rest of the materials. Now I'm just trying to plan everything out.