gecko with mbd. please give suggestions on what to do, he is seeing a vet tomorrow.


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my gecko is only a few months old. i got him from a pet store (i know now that this is bad). he used to be energetic and ate every day. he ate mostly mealworms and occasionally crickets. however his mealworms were not gut loaded and he did not have any calcium/D3 (i tried giving it to him when i first got him but he just wouldn't eat it, and he wouldn't eat worms dusted with it either, so i gave up).
his substrate is reptile carpet. in the photo it's not clean but i cleaned it since taking that photo so please don't think i don't clean up after my gecko. he has a heating pad and i just ordered UVB lighting. i have mixed calcium with water and gave it to him that way since he still won't eat the powder--he drank some of it but not much. he still is drinking regular water and pooping normally.
his tail is not that thin but it is zigzagged. he has not eaten normally in a few weeks. his back legs are fine but the front legs are very obviously bent. fortunately, he can walk and stand up. he is lethargic but has bursts of energy.
i know MBD is generally not reversible but i want him to recover as much as possible and be able to eat again. i am taking him to the vet tomorrow and am hoping for their help, however i also want other people's opinions or experiences with MBD.
thank you in advance for your help


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I got a juvenile leo (weighed about 14 grams) from a reptile expo where I was vending and when I got her home I realized she had MBD. This one may have been younger than yours is. Seven years later she's fat and healthy. When you say that your gecko wouldn't eat the calcium, do you mean that you were leaving a bowl of it in the cage and it wasn't eating it, or that it was refusing the feeders you were dusting with calcium? If it wasn't eating out of the bowl, try dusting the feeders with calcium and vitamin D3 (I highly recommend Repashy Calcium Plus which is an all-in-one supplement). If you mean that your gecko wouldn't eat the feeders that had been dusted with calcium, try dipping your finger in water, then dipping it in the supplement and spreading it around on your gecko's lips. It will likely lick it off. I'm not sure how much calcium it's actually getting from drinking it in the water. The vet may have an injection or something in liquid form that will deliver a good dose to begin with.