Bilateral masses on my leo’s head?!?!? Is he okay???

Hi everyone, I’m here because I felt I had no where else to turn and am super worried about my sweet boy. I have 3 leos, 2 males, Fred and Tiny, and a female, Bean, who lives with Fred. Tiny lives alone. Fred is 6 years old and I’ve owned him for 5 of those 6 years. Over the past few months, these GIANT tumor looking things have been growing on both sides of his head. It is now to the point where he can actually only open one eye, the other is closed by what I think is a tumor, but I’m not sure, that’s why I’m here. Any help, advice, or tips would be so very greatly appreciated. I’m so worried about him and have no idea what else to do before a vet, which I am 3 hours away from…. PLEASE HELP!!! thank you all so much in advance <333B0D76B21-F0F0-4F95-BF2B-EFABFB1B9A17.jpgA1547EBF-6D94-46FB-99D0-280DA3A17F15.jpg2AF7A5AE-E8DB-45E0-8CA0-7DFE79568F64.jpg0DB8565E-ED65-4AE3-AE6A-CB59D81A693A.jpgB0D76B21-F0F0-4F95-BF2B-EFABFB1B9A17.jpgA1547EBF-6D94-46FB-99D0-280DA3A17F15.jpg2AF7A5AE-E8DB-45E0-8CA0-7DFE79568F64.jpg0DB8565E-ED65-4AE3-AE6A-CB59D81A693A.jpgB0D76B21-F0F0-4F95-BF2B-EFABFB1B9A17.jpgA1547EBF-6D94-46FB-99D0-280DA3A17F15.jpg2AF7A5AE-E8DB-45E0-8CA0-7DFE79568F64.jpg0DB8565E-ED65-4AE3-AE6A-CB59D81A693A.jpg

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Fred looks very uncomfortable. He may not be eating. His tail seems a bit thin.

The only way to know more about Fred's giant tumors is to visit an exotics vet. That's your next option. I wish those resources were closer to you.

How about phoning that vet? You could email your photos to the vet for his thoughts. Maybe this vet could do a ZOOM meeting with you?

Have you checked:
First off, thank you so much for replying! I do know that his tail is quite thin, which is odd because he used to look very healthy, and his diet has not changed at all, he just started losing weight. He eats the same amount of food as he always has and he has regular bowel movements and regular sheds, I just can’t seem to keep the weight on him. Another weird thing is that he does look extremely uncomfortable, but he doesn’t act like it at all. His behavior hasn’t changed a bit… strange?!?!? The masses are not sensitive to the touch and he has no trouble accomplishing his daily tasks, other than seeing. I will contact my vet, I agree that it is my next best option at this point. Let’s all pray he can be painlessly healed without surgery if possible!!!