Impacted sperm plugs


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Hi, my leopard gecko has had some sperm plugs since like August or September, can’t fully remember.

We, for a while, thought it was just because it was because of mating season or something, until my other leopard gecko got sperm plugs and one was sticking out. He had it since June but my mom told me (she takes care of his stuck shed since he has shedding problems as a rescue) but I never thought anything of it until I actually saw it and it dawned on me.

Since I am a patreon of Leopard Gecko YT, I asked her and she said it could possibly be sperm plugs. I took him to the vet and it was, they removed him.

The thing is, his are super easy to remove. But my other one’s are not. I’m pretty certain they’re impacted.

My worry is if it could kill him? We have a vet appointment on the 2nd of February, and that’s the soonest we can get unless we go to a vet we know won’t help.

He’s acting a bit lethargic and isn’t as adventurous as usual. He’s currently laying on my leg. His eyes look very tired too. I don’t know if maybe he’s just a bit sleepy today or if its due to the sperm plugs.

he is moving around a little now but still a little odd.

None of his plugs are sticking out. They are horrible impacted, I’ve watched so many videos and tutorials and tried so hard to get them out and all it’s doing it causing him horrible pain.

After I try to remove him he is completely exhausted and in pain and I really can’t do it to him anymore, it breaks my heart and I love him with everything in me and I really cannot hurt him. I can’t imagine losing him.

TD,DR: Can impacted sperm plugs left for months kill a gecko, and will he be okay until the 2nd? Also any special ways to somehow remove a impacted sperm plug?

Thank you to anyone who responds I really need help rn I feel awful


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Turns out it’s actually March 2nd, not February 2nd. Will he be okay until then? Please someone respond... I’m so worried right now I don’t know what to do and I can’t lose him...


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Sorry you're having such a problem. So you've tried holding the gecko and pushing on the bulges? This should make the hemipenis stick out and the sperm plugs will be sticking out of that. I did have a gecko that also had huge sperm plugs. I took him to the vet and the vet actually made a small incision and removed the impaction. I'm honestly not sure if this will be OK for more than a month (it may be, I"m not saying it's definitely a problem). I'd recommend calling the vet and asking if they could call you if there's a cancellation. You can also say that if the gecko isn't seen soon it's probably going to be an emergency and you need to know their emergency procedures (this will be a subtle indication that they need to do something sooner). Please keep us posted.



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Yes I have tried pushing them and it just doesn’t come out. And I’ll definitely ask about the cancellation. sadly, this vet only takes emergencies in that city now for some stupid reason so there is no taking him to the ER to there. Tomorrow we are going to search for other vets.