Leopard gecko pooping blood 🩸


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I have a few questions and concerns I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some help...!!!! So I have had a leopard gecko for a while now and a few months ago I was noticing his poop was runny and getting more liquified over time I was concerned of course but I just thought I would wait it out and do what I could to try and make him feel better, a week or so passes and his poops start getting more solid so I was a little relieved, pushing forward a week or two he's was not pooping as much and when I place food in his bowl he heads for them eats a few so I'm assuming he'll finish them all as he always had, but now since this issue started showing up i have been cleaning his cage out as usual but now it's been filled with the insects most if not all the ones I feed him end up at the bottom of his cage, I feed him about 10-17 soldier fly larva every other day. And around the time of me noticing these concerns I was soaking him I took him out placed him in a plastic container next to me on top of a 3 foot table while I was feeding my other leopard gecko and he climbed out which led to him falling on carpet he was shocked and stuck but then I placed him in his cage he seemed ok just shook up and the next day he was very sluggish very tired I just hoped it was him just being still shocked, so the first two days after the fall he was sluggish but then after that he went back to him self climbing being spontaneous etc. Then again he went to not pooping for the longest, then he pooped about almost a week later and it had the calcium tip with a clot like thing on the other half where the poop should have been it also had blood all over his pooping area I am pretty sure it was a blood clot due to it shriveling up to almost nothing and the consistency looked like it which of course I panicked checked his stomach and nothing looked dark nothing looked out of place then again recently he pooped but not as big it was just white i'm assuming it's from his shed but that was the first time I've ever seen his poop mostly white like that and again it was accompanied with blood, I did some research on my own they're saying it might be parasites so I'm not ruling that out if that's the case what can I use and if that's not the case what are the other possibilities and just to put it out there I feed all my other reptiles everything I give him and there ok then again it does take just one bad worm. Again any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.🤍

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The white bit on one end of the feces = a urate. That should be pure white.

IF your leo continues to bleed, he will become weak and fail to thrive.

I highly recommend scheduling an exotics vet appointment ASAP to check your leo out. IF your leo needs x-rays or medicine, a vet helps the very best.