Healthy Gecko?


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Howdy ho, I am a new crestie owner! I have one juvenile, unsexed so far. They have been a little skittish, so I haven’t been able to handle them, but we are working on it. I haven’t seen any articles on how to tell if a gecko is healthy, I’ve only seen warning signs. Could you guys help me out? AE07DAE3-F783-4B9B-8E41-7D50B97430DF.jpg33FEFAB8-C068-47FD-81BC-2714EB1BABF1.jpg

Elizabeth Freer

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Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, Spleekly! Is your little guy captive-bred?

A healthy crested gecko should stick exceptionally well to many surfaces. He or she should comfortably climb glass, painted walls, & varnished wood. This gecko should be eating & pooping regularly. His sheds should be complete!

Keep his environment between 70-80*F. Those will be good lifelong temperatures. Mist the enclosure thoroughly at night. Let the enclosure dry out during the days.

My 17 yo crestie George eats Pangea powdered diets: Pangea with Insects Complete, Watermelon Complete, and lately Fig with Insects Complete. I've had George 15.5 years. Long ago he became disinterested in crickets -- perhaps because I did not alternate them with his powdered diet on a regular basis.

It's important for a crested gecko to get Zoo Med's Repti Calcium with vitamin D3 lightly dusted on most crickets @ one feeding per week OR a well-recommended Complete Dry Diet 3x per week. Zoo Med's Repti Calcium with vitamin D3 contains an ideal level of vitamin D3.