Genetic Questions


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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and found it because I am looking for information on leopard gecko genetics. I plan on breeding my two girls next year and I am stumped on who to pair them with. One of them is a emerine possibly het for tremper and the other is a sunglow w&y. What would be some options that would work for the both of them?


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There are websites about leopard gecko genetics. The link below is to an article I wrote that will clue you in to an extent. The most important is to figure out which traits are dominant (white & yellow), which are recessive (albino), which are co-dominant (snow - which you don't have) and which are polygenetic or "line bred" (emerine as far as I know, sunglow). That information will help you figure out what to pair the gecko with to get the benefit of their genetic traits. You can take a look at and
Here's the link to the article: