Minor panic question

I was putting the Dubia roaches in for Donnie and two escaped. They are in his enclosure.

If they were crickets, I'd end up pulling everything apart to find them because I don't want them attacking him when he's asleep or something, but what about the roaches??

Elizabeth Freer

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First breathe deeply, but DON'T hyperventilate. ;-)

Dubia have a tendency to hide. They could even hide from Donnie.

Even though I feed crickets 99% of the time to my leo Cha, I amputate their back legs at the knees so they can't jump out of their Anchor brand, 8 ounce bowl. When I'm feeding and a cricket "lands" outside the bowl, but inside the enclosure I catch it right away & place it in the food bowl.


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Obviously it wouldn't be a good idea to put tons of feeders in a cage with a debilitated gecko, but I've had no problem putting small numbers of crickets in a cage with healthy geckos and having some stay in there for a snack.