Second shed in about 2 weeks

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Also, tried giving him a small horned worm - which he ignored, and some black soldier fly larvae which I also think he ignored (I have to double check the dish they were in - ivory colored dish, ivory-ish bugs and a lack of caffeine this morning). Are horned worms safe for him? That sharp looking spike made me very nervous.
Hornworms are excellent sources of calcium (even undusted) & moisture. I don't believe that hornworm's sharp-looking spike is sharp at all.

Approximate nutritional content of HORNWORMS (source = Mulberry Farms):
  • Protein = 9%
  • Fat = 3%
  • Calcium = 46.4mg/100mg :) :) :)
  • Calcium-to-phosphorus ratio = 1:3. That ratio is quite low compared to other worms! [Phosphorus impairs calcium absorption. Serve plain or lightly dust hornworms with pure precipitated calcium carbonate (withOUT vitamin D3) to rebalance the calcium and phosphorus even further.]
  • Moisture = 85%

Hornworms should be kept in a cooler @ ~55*F, otherwise they will mushroom in size just about overnight.

For link 33 click: Hornworm Care Guidelines
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