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I am aware that this is the same post as elsewhere. I am the same person. I just feel that I need to get as many opinions as possible for this situation.

I own two leopard geckos. Their names are Autumn and Kingsley. They have been housed together ever since they were very, very small.

I am having troubles with Autumn. I was ignored on Reddit as my posts kept getting buried, so I am hoping to have better luck here.
Autumn went through some health problems, dropped her tail as a result. After a couple of emergency vet visits, and a couple of rechecks, I have been assured her health is now 100% and I have done a perfect job. However... Her personality seems ENTIRELY different. She won't leave her hide, anymore. It's like she's terrified of everything. She was never super social to begin with (hates being held), but not coming out for food is new. She seems to be eating, but ONLY if I put it right next to/inside of the entrance of her hide. Nothing in her enclosure has changed. Is there something wrong? Is this normal?

And now comes part two.
Her tail was growing back beautifully. It was healthy, it was looking good. That is, until Kingsley chomped down on it, and Autumn, again, dropped it. Kingsley has NEVER been aggressive, so I do not think it was a territory thing. But I do think that she has very poor eyesight. She often misses when she's going for insects. I think she thought it was an insect, and then just didn't let go. Regardless, as I know people were going to recommend it, I have separated them. Can this cause anxiety? Do leopard geckos miss the other geckos they originally had with them?

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Separating them doesn’t cause anxiety. They aren’t social animals. Rather than missing the other gecko, Autumn is probably relieved. It’s likely that her appetite and health are going to quickly improve due to your having removed the other gecko.

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Are you certain both Autumn & Kingsley are female? Even 2 females often don't get along. Leopard geckos ARE territorial. I believe that's what has happened. You've done good by separating them.

Sexing Leopard Geckos -- A leopard gecko's gender can be confirmed when that leo is over 5 inches (12.7 cm) in total length. That may happen when the leo nears 6 months old. Males can be distinguished from females by a distinct /\-shaped row of femoral pores above the vent and by two hemipenal bulges below the vent. To see their vents, potential male femoral pores, and hemipenal bulges gently press their bodies up against the glass. They'll squirm if you try to turn them over.
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