Exo Terra Stone Desert as substrate for Leopard Gecko?

I'm looking to switch from a moderately simple slate and paper towel floor for my leopard gecko to a more naturalistic enclosure (as well as moving up to a 40 gallon enclosure from a 25 g. long).

I know a lot of people do organic soil mixed with play sand. But I worry that I would screw up the ratios somehow and harm Donnie.

I've been doing a lot of reading and research and have been hearing good things about Exo Terra Stone Desert substrate which is specifically designed for leopard geckos. I tried doing a search on here to see if there was already a discussion about it, but I could not find anything.

Has anyone here used it? Or does anyone have an suggestions or advice about it?

Here's a quick link in case anyone wants to take a look at it.



Nice find. I’m hoping someone with experience using it stops by. I do want to make you aware that the consistency of both can be manipulated by etc. adding water, more soil than sand to reach what you desire. I like the way it looks, however wondering why it’s not on Exo Terra’s website for USA…