New adult leopard gecko not pooping much

Jasmine Sploots

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I got a new leopard gecko 13 days ago. She came from a breeder and was shipped across the US to me overnight. She's 18 months old and has a great appetite. The only problem is that she has only pooped once in this time, on November 6. That poop was pretty big and contained 3 urates. She hasn't pooped since but continues to eat well. I can't see any signs of impaction through her belly. I'm not sure if her pattern is that she just doesn't poop frequently, or if she's stressed, or if there is something more going on. I tried soaking her last night but she wasn't having it. I left her in for 20 minutes though. She wouldn't let me rub her belly but I did try once. It felt soft, not hard. I also let her lick a bit of olive oil off my finger. I'm going to try a hornworm today.

She has overhead heating in the daytime and undertank heating at night. Temp on the warm side is around 90F and 95F on the basking spot. Cool side is around 75F. She's on nonadhesive shelf liner, but has EcoEarth in her humid hide. I spray her humid hide down well at least once a day. She has access to a water bowl, which I change with fresh water every 2 days. She has 3 hides and a bunch of fake plants as well as a cork tile background. It's a 40 gallon tank. I've been feeding her mostly mealworms since that's what the breeder had been feeding her her whole life as far as staple feeders. Last night I introduced her to dubias and superworms. That seemed to go well! She's 61 grams with great body condition. She's on an 8am/8pm day/night cycle.

Do you have any advice on what more I should do? She's not my first or only leopard gecko and I work with reptiles. Is there something I'm not thinking of?

Forgot to add: I feed her on Mondays and Thursdays. Her feeder insects are dusted with Repashy calcium plus every other Thursday. The other feeding days, I rotate dusting with calcium with D3 and calcium without D3. She also has a dish of calcium without D3 in her enclosure.
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Some of them seem to "hold it" for quite awhile. Check and see if she has a poop area that you haven't discovered. A few of mine like the outhouse model and only like to poop in their hides. Otherwise, if everything else is OK just wait and eventually you will see the treasure!


Jasmine Sploots

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Thanks! I've definitely checked all over her enclosure and no poop except for that one poop about 9 days ago. I just soaked her again, but I think that's the last time I will do so. She hates it and I really don't want to stress her out more. Hopefully she goes soon though.

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Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, Jasmine!

You seem onboard with leo care and poop ideas. Did you already find my hornworm link?

Here's how to prevent hornworms from mushrooming in size overnight. Keep hornworms in a small cooler with a cold pack changed out every 12 hours to keep the insides @ 55*F. IF you keep the hornworm food in the refrigerator it will get too cold!


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wondering whether it needs undertank heating to keep its belly warm to digest food in the daytime when it is sleeping…….
=> She has overhead heating in the daytime and undertank heating at night