Madagascar gecko ID request


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Hello, I've recently been to Madagascar and would really appreciate help identifying some geckos I saw there. Some pictures are better quality with my camera, some just off my phone. I don't know what diagnostic features are needed for gecko ID, my focus is birds normally, but I hope there's enough in the photos. Most I've managed to get to genus, but not species level. I'd appreciate the help! Thanks so much!

I don't know why, I couldn't add the photos to the post as the files were too large. But it uploaded fine to albums.


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Looks like a day gecko, madagascar girdled lizard, and madagascar ground gecko. Can't ID the brown and white one though.


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I'm by no means an expert: first 2 look to me like a type of house gecko ( Hemidactylus frenata is the common house gecko but there are a lot of species and I'm least sure of this one). The green one is a Giant Day Gecko - Phelsuma grandis. The next few pictures of the geckos with the funny looking tails are leaf tail geckos (Uroplatus - I don't know them well enough to come up with species) and the last one looks like a kind of skink to me.



First one is a Blaesodactylus. My guess: B. sakalava
The Phelsuma is probably P. grandis
Uroplatus are, in order, U. sikorae and U. henkeli
Paroedura is most likely P. stumpfii
The skink is Trachylepis comorensis