Gecko not eating


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Our gecko is at least 12 years old. We have had him for about 8 years. His eating habits have slowed down over the last year. He is eating every 2-3 weeks at the moment. He won’t eat anything other than wax worms, with the occasional locust or 2. I’ve tried roaches and mealworms. He’s just not interested any more. He’s drinking every 2-3 weeks too. Nothing has been changed in his housing. Temperatures are spot on. Lights are changed every 3 months. He is a good weight and not losing weigh. He looks bright and no obvious concerns. Is this just old age or is there something else I can do?
Appreciate any help

Elizabeth Freer

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Please share a recent image of your 12 yo leo, Sally.

Waxworms offer poor nutrition. Waxworms are super high in fat! Have you tried 'tough love' & withheld waxworms in place of other bugs & worms?
Does he bask? If so, what are the ground temps underneath his basking light? What are the cool end temps?

What are the dimensions of his enclosure?