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Hey all, I was handling my gecko Blue last night and noticed a strange lump behind one of his legs. Now, it looks like he's overall quite chunky or maybe overweight these days (I'm not concerned about this, I switch what kinds of insects I give him regularly, just means he's had a couple too many superworms lately). But this lump seems to stand out. It's squishy to the touch, like the rest of his body, and doesn't seem to hurt him if I lightly touch or poke it.
I don't want to panic or anything, because it certainly seems possible his fat is sitting on his body strangely or in a concentrated place. But I still want to run it by some more knowledgeable eyes to see if I should be concerned.
It's definitely new, though I don't handle him super often so I couldn't tell you exactly how new.
I know this does not replace seeing a vet if or when that is necessary. I will absolutely attempt to find one in my area if the consensus seems to be that I should.
I tried to get a couple photos from different angles/positions, but if more would be helpful I can do that.

the photos wouldn't upload on here because of the size, so I uploaded the 4 of them to >> this dropbox link <<
and I sized the "main" picture way down to show directly in my message, in case you're nervous about clicking random links (good internet practice)


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It's not a big deal. Years ago, people thought the lump was a sign that the gecko was in good breeding condition. Then people decided it was because the gecko was getting too much calcium. Then people decided that the gecko was overweight. Don't worry about it; it's not clear to me why it happens but it's not a big problem.



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I agree, however you should probably just monitor him as a precaution, and make sure he shows no signs of illness and the lump doesn't grow.