Springtails, or not springtails, that is the question


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Hi, all,

I'm posting on behalf of a friend. He has sent me a video showing a piece of wood in his Leachie gecko's bio-active enclosure, teeming with tiny little white bugs. He and I have tried comparing what he's seen with various springtail species and he says they don't appear to be springtails, as springtails are bisegmented whereas the things he has are monosegmented, looking closer to tiny beetles. Some additional notes are that they do not jump when sprayed compared to the springtails he added to the tank, and that he only first started noticing these guys until after adding a Home Depot plant and have exponentially grown in population since. I know the video isn't close enough for any hard decisions, but, if possible he would like a first-glance opinion.

Thank you