Mourning Gecko egg question


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Question on eggs. I have a female who laid a clutch of 3 eggs. Two have hatched already (on 5/12/24) and the third egg hasn't yet. Should I leave it? How long in between hatching is acceptable? It still looks viable. The other babies are eating fruit flies already. Thanks!


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I haven't bred mourning geckos but in my experience with breeding I always left eggs alone till they either hatched or collapsed.


Elizabeth Freer

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Congratulations on both your mourning gecko hatchlings! Most all mourning geckos are female. How they lay eggs is called parthenogenesis. As you may realize Lepidodactylus lugubris are prolific. They're pretty cute! The downside is that it's difficult to sell ALL the hatchlings. One approach I took was to squish unwanted eggs. Then mourning gecko moms would have a nutritious brunch of yolks.

I caught my first 3 hatchling mourning geckos in Kauai, Hawaii gardens in August 1988. They were my first geckos! I was able to fly home to Seattle with them as seatmates. I sold some once in a while. Then I made the mistake of raising 8 Lls during Covid. [Shaking my head back & forth] One month ago I rehomed all 8 with a Seattle person.

I don't regret keeping mourning geckos all those years. However, it was time to let them go.