Some pics I took this weekend... (dial-up warning)


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These are of a friend's collection, but I was helping him get some new cages set up and took some pics while I was there:

Canary Green Tree Python

Another GTP

Jaguar Carpet

Jungle Carpet

More pics here:

Equipment: Nikon D70, Tamron 90mm Macro, Sigma ring light.


the moof

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Holy TISH! you rule mate! great shots. wonderful animals. im at a loss for words. so i will say this:


*the moof*


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Yeah, I wish they were mine. He's got a bunch of other nice stuff I wish was mine as well. Hopefully next year we'll have a couple breeding projects going on, so maybe I can get into some of these nice animals the easy way: by whoring out my snakes to him. :mrgreen:

Snakes are fun subjects to shoot, and species like the GTPs at the top like to sit very still, which makes them even better subjects. If I could ever get my hands on the geckos I want I'd start posting some nice gecko pics too :!: :?



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Nikon D70 dSLR
Tamron 90mm macro lens (that's what lets me get so close to the subjects)
Sigma ring flash (that's what makes the colors come out nice)

I was shooting in aperature mode at F8, about an inch or so from the subject in those top two pictures.



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Very nice Ryan! That ring flash seems to be treating you right! Cant go wrong with that D70 either, my favorite body so far. Keep 'em coming!