homemade stands


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has anyone here tried making there own stand to put their tanks on ?
i have a 90 tank for my leaf tail geckos, a 45 gallon tank for my crested geckos, and a 20 gallon for my Tokay Gecko and i will be getting 55 gallon tank for a set of lepoard geckos how should i make it .


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Take a look at this link:http://www.garf.org/tank/buildstand.asp

You can put in the dimensions of your tanks and it will help you generate plans to build it. It is intended for fish aquariums, so you may be able simplify parts since the weight of a herp tank is obviously less than one with water in it!

Also, search google for "build diy aquarium stand" and you'll get a few hits with how others have done it.

For this type of thing, there is usually a lot more info out there relating to aquatics. Pretty easily adapted tho!