how I build my cages (with little $$ involved)


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Fisrt you start off with some old free windown...

I then grab a beer and gets the glass out of the window frames (I use a copeing saw to cut threw the joints and pull the frame apart)
You end up with this *be sure an recycle the can!:

I then grow a stash and get a wife....

... and then cut some glass... I use a $3 glass cutter and lube it with Pam:

THen you just lay a strong straight edge on the glass and use it as a guide... run the cutter along the guide and it will sound like...hmm.. sandy paper tearing... Do this just once... more than once will splinter the edge of the glass...

Then break the glass over a strong even surface (I am lazy and use the railing of my porch... but a nice table edge will work well too)...the papertowel is to protect my hand...
I then lay out and tape a whole cage together ...

then use caulk to bind all of the seams.. (I save the top and lock/hinges for the next day)

... That is about it... it cost about $7 a tank... for caulk and hinges/locks...
I never actually square the tank... just hope that my glass is cut square enought to make the tank square.... it hasn't failed me yet.
If I can be of any other help just let me know...


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where do yuo find the free glass in the first place? drive around and take it from epopel doing remodeling?


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Yup, remodeled homes... just be sure to ask the owner first. ...Try craigslist too. I wish I had a truck, because I often miss out on the good finds that won't fit in my trunk.