legislation targets Ohio herpers :(


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Ohio House Bill 45 intends to prevent private ownership of "dangerous" reptiles.


though no great public menace or threat has been caused this bill threatens to take away keepers rights to own particular species of reptiles including only moderately venomous species such as Hognose snakes, False water cobras, mangrove snakes. etc.

although maybe even many of you gecko keepers this may or may not affect you right now.... it is just the beginning of more rights being taken away. what are they going to say is bad to keep next? maybe something you love? I hope not


Nathan Hall

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This is what happens when folks with no frame of reference make the laws. If our community was somewhat proactive, we could stop or soften some of the laws/ordinances, but complacency/apathy abounds in our hobby. Thanks for posting this, Josh.


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I really wish our "law makers" every where in this country would wake up a little. They say this is a free country, well maybe it is more so than other countrys. All they are doing is taking our rights away one right at a time untill we wont have any.