Eliminating Vivarium Pests


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Great Use of Dry Ice

Hi Marty - I work with Penguin Dry Ice and we noticed your great use of dry ice - would you mind if we featured it on our blog?

Usually when we feature someone's idea we send them one of our dry ice vintage tees so message us through our GU site profile and we'd love to send you one!



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You can also get CO2 tanks at your local paintball store. Most of them have used tanks for cheap.

I built a co2 chamber to prekill my mice/rats for feeding my snakes and i paid all of $30 for all of my equipment....filled tank...hose and regulator.
A 12oz tank should be enough to gas a tank.


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The trick is that the tank has to be air tight, if the CO2 leaks out somewhere, then it won't work. It's ideal to do it in an aquarium. Then top it off every few hrs. I've heard that it doesn't work on mites, though I don't know how the person did it. I know it works like a charm on millipedes. BTW, the cool thing is that this article has been published in 2 european dart frog journals, once translated into Dutch and 2nd time translated into Sweedish. I thought that was kind of cool ;)

WARNING!!!! :yikes:pLEASE!!!! Do NOT make your viv airtight with dry ice inside. CO2 weighs more than oxygen and it will naturally sink to the bottom and displace the air inside, even if you place the dry ice containers above the viv and let the CO2 fall into the tank, or put the ice inside the tank with ventilation on top, either way the air will be displaced by the weight of the CO2. But PLEASE for heavens sake, DO NOT!!!! put dry ice in your tank and then seal it air tight!!! The pressure created will cause your tank to EXPLODE. You will have a huge mess on your hands and your poor vivarium will go the way of the dinosaurs.