First G. hainanensis


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I've been admiring these for a couple of years now. Someday I'd like to get some orientalis as well. Just picked this little one up at the Tinley NARBC show.


I think it'll be fun to do some photos of their eyes, especially on some reflective surfaces.


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nice pickup, Krystal! those are cute little geckos; I have a friend with a few pairs. very active, voracious feeders.


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I have my eyes set on these beauties :) They may be my first non-Caledonian gecko!

This one has beautiful banding. Great pick up!


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Very cool looking gecko. Its being added to my ever growing list of geckos I want to own. Ever since getting my leopard gecko pheonix I've been bitten by the gecko bug.

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I have a trio of these guys coming from Jeff as soon as temps warm up enough to ship.
Can't wait. How's your little guy doing these days? How about some recent pics?