Hobbyists/breeders willing to be interviewed!


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Hello everyone!

My name is Stacia and I'm a college student majoring in ecology and organismal biology, and I'm writing a Topical Community essay on snake bans, the drawbacks, benefits, and impacts on hobbyists and breeders of reptiles. I'm looking for experienced keepers and breeders of all different species of snakes, as well as any other reptiles commonly kept as pets.

The interview will be conducted online, over email most likely, but we could also use the forums or messaging system on here to communicate. The more people willing to participate the better. I will be making similar threads in other herp-focused forums, and if enough people are interested I might facilitate a web-based conversation between various hobbyists and experts via Skype, a conference call, or another similar platform.

Even if you don't know much about reptile bans or don't consider yourself to be a reptile expert, please consider letting me interview you! My questions are very general and relate mainly to your personal experiences of keeping and caring for and about all difference types of reptiles.

If you have any questions just ask

Thanks everyone!


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I would be willing to participate.

I lived in S. Florida for 41 years and can share my experiences pertaining to the impacts of reptiles being released from captivity. At any given time I had 2-3 non native species of reptiles in my yard. Green iguanas, curly tailed lizards and a nice assortment of geckos. I have spent a few hours hunting burmese pythons in the Everglades. So, needless to say I have rather strong opinions on reptile bans along with first hand experience dealing with the ramifications of irresponsible reptile keeping. I have kept several of these species as pets and removed more than a few from places they did not belong.