Where does everyone get there Sphaerodactylus sp. from?

Reef and Reps

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I can't seem to find any websites selling any. I'm especially fond of S. notatus. What is the pricing like on the more common members of this genus?


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They pop up sporadically. They're not commonly kept, as both males and females are territorial, and it's kind of a small group who like the micro day geckos. The cheaper ones can run as low as 15-25 a piece (ashy geckos, others that are invasive/ native to the USA). They can exceed 200 an individual male, 500 a pair for some rarer species. Notatus pop up more often than some of the species, and are fairly inexpensive. Torrei are my personal favorites. Many of the more expensive species can be had out of Europe if you know where to look, but can be costly.

Primal Rage

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I am so glad that I am not alone in my seeming impossible search for Sphaerodactylus. The S.nigropunctatus, S.scaber and S.Torrei are my favorites! Good luck with your search and send me a PM if you find any.(not looking for reef geckos)