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As a reminder for members, please read what follows.

All forums including this one are halfway between public and private places. Public, as its contents do appear in public and can be found through various search engines, Google and others. Private, since all members implicitely agree by creating an account and signing up to follow the forum rules at all times.

So, being part of a private community such as GU demand that everyone follows the forum rules. It is in no way a right to be a member of our community, and it completely belongs to the admins and mods team to decide on who has infringed/broken forum rules and is no longer needed as a forum member.

-18+ only contents of an offensive nature
-inappropriate behavior connected with under 18 year old members, particularly on sexual grounds.
-members insulting each other either publically or through inboxes
-people using illegal scripts, viruses, hacking methods against the forum or against any user
-contents involving racism or any kind of prejudice against such or such category of people, contents infringing laws about terrorism, pushing others to hateful behavors, selling anything else than geckos and other herps and other items such as enclosures, herp food and goods. If you are to sell sunglasses, cars, weapons or anything else, this is NOT the right place for such sales.

are simply not tolerated here.

Since religion, politics, ethnicity, sexual orientation, musical tastes... are the source of endless debates and since they are not at all connected with our forum, which deals with geckos, we are thankful to all users not to start discussions on such topics. Tolerance should be the best attitude at all times.

Besides, the GU admins and mods cannot be held for responsible for any misshap about sales on the forum. We will not interfere if a sale does not satisfy either of the involved parties. We also have no means to check if a given sale is completely legal or not, it is up to buyers to ensure everything is right and fine before purchasing, including legal issues depending on your state, country or city. That said, smugglers and illegal practices are NOT welcome and NOT to be encouraged in any way through posts on GU.

We intend to keep GU as a friendly place to exchange information, buy and sell geckos. Humor is fine! Giving opinions is fine too and normal, as long as it is done in a friendly, non-insulting and non-aggressive manner. We also greatly appreciate efforts to make posts understandable to anyone, but we are aware it is an international forum, so not everyone is definitely able to write posts without any spelling mistake. Please do your best when it comes to spelling, and that will be appreciated. SMS language on the forum is a no-no, just please keep this in mind.

This is an informative thread only, no need for debates or pm's. Thanks.
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