Hemidactylus (Cosymbotus) platyurus


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Hello all,

Has anyone ever kept and bred those? I suppose a dry, large setup, rather rupicolous would work but I'd like more precise information from people with experience about these Hemidactylus platyurus, formerly called Cosymobotus platyurus. Any detail on temps, setup, breeding welcome!




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I had them as free roamers in my herp room for several years. They were quite prolific in the first house. Males had territories, but still all met without major aggression at one place if something new was introduced into the room or if I put a bowl of yoghurt somewhere.
For the rest of the time, males stayed in their territories, while females were freely moving around.
In that house (Germany) egg laying was observed between March and October.
Hatchlings started to appear in late May.
After I moved into a new house, the colony stopped breeding in the new herp room for completely not understood reasons (currently three other species do live there as free roamers and all breed successfully). The next owners of my old house still found geckos in the next few years...obvously a small colony had established itself between the roof beams.
Generally spoken, H. platyurus needs rather a humid than a dry setup and the species does not need much attention. Intermale agression is not too high and the eat literally everything they do find. Starting from cooky crumbs over fruits, the usual insects and does not stop at lizard carcasses...
They also are a very vocal species.



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Oh they eat fruit? That's interesting!I have noticed too their need of rather frequent sprayings.
I grabbed some at the last Hamm show, they are WC, one of them didn't make it as it was really skinny and dehydrated, the others do fine for the time being.

A few pics of them (click to enlarge)





And thanks for the very interesting reply my friend! ;)