Frog Eyed Gecko. NOT Eating! Help!


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Hi guys, I'm new to this website so just getting to know where to post and how to post lol.
In need of some help.
My mum and I bought a frog eyed gecko about a week ago, the reptile shop we bought her from says she is just under a year old. I have come to the conclusion that she needs to put some serious weight on as I can see her hip bones and shes really tiny.
The problem is she's not eating anything, shes had 1 cricket in the week that we have had her and were starting to get worried that shes not eating because of how small she is.
We've tried crickets, meal worms and a jelly pot of multi-vitamins.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else we could try to get her to eat??


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Have you had success with the baby? Perhaps you could upload a pic of the animal and setup? On babies in my experience they can look a bit thin as they develop , but a pic and description of the setup will help us all


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My new frog eyed geckos won't eat either.

I was going to make a new topic.. maybe someone can address us both in this same one?


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40 gallon Exo-Terra Low (36x18x12h)
Substrate is a nice diggable mix of Eco Earth and washed playsand
Hot side has a 150 dome with a 100 watt heat bulb on 12 hours a day.
I keep a tiny water dish for humidity
I keep a small calcium dish
I have 3 hides and 2 pieces of slate rock

It houses 2 adult frog eyed geckos, russian. I just got them last week.

I have tried superworms, waxworms and crickets all dusted. They ignore them all. the crickets are all around the enclosure!