G. hainanesis Questions

Hi everyone! I have an unsexed baby hainanesis in a 10 gallon right now. He/she is weighing in at 5 grams. I have 2 young (male and female - just old enough to be sexed - so I'm not quite sure how old or big that is just yet) ones on the way and will arrive next week. With that being said, can I keep these 3 together for awhile in a 20 gallon tank if they are within about 5 grams of each other? I know with my leos, I keep my jouvies together until they hit about 20 grams then pull the males out before they start reeking havoc in my tanks. My concern here is that I want the females protected and not bread too early but I honestly have no idea what too early is with this species. These are my first 3. Any suggestions would be so appreciated! Thanks! Tracy