Frozen insects


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Hi, I have a little problem. I can't have live feeder insects in my home, but I tought you could freeze some, let's say dubia, and keep them in the freezer. My question is, are they as nutritious as the live food, since we eat meat and fish that've been frozen all the time? I should mention that they're for a crested gecko, so they'd be fed once or twice a week.


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Generally speaking, Frozen Insects are to be avoided due to their poor nutritional value, however, considering it is a Crested Gecko and therefore unlikely that the insects will make up a large portion of its diet, you could probably feed Frozen in that instance. You may also find it difficult to encourage the Gecko to take non-live prey, but this will be largely down to the individual.

Any Frozen Insect will not provide anywhere close to as much nutrition as a living, properly cared for one, on the gut contents & flora of which the Gecko would benefit most.

If you can, you should gut-load (appropriately) the insects for 24-48 hours prior to freezing them and this may help in somewhat boosting their nutritional value.