L. lugubris stopped laying eggs


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Im back after a few years out of the hobby and have gotten a few new geckos, one of them being a L. lugubris, she laid two infertile eggs a few months ago but now nothing, is this common for this species?


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You should have at least two in the tank for them to get stimulated. They don't need any males, but they do need at least two from what I've read and was told at the reptile expo here in NY. I just got myself 4 of these beauties. All doing quite well so far. Won't lay eggs for a couple of months yet though since 3 are still babies and one is a juvenile. Hope this helps, know it's late. Just saw post.

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It could also be the case that she is laying eggs, but not where you can find them.
I work with this species also. I keep several individuals in a large planted enclosure. I have no idea where they lay their eggs, but I do pick hatchlings out of the enclosure quite regularly.


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They do need at least pairs, as they have to "pseudo-copulate" to stimulate their egg growth I guess. They need a lot of calcium too. Offer some in a dish if you aren't already.