Red Eyed Crocodile Skink Infection, Please Help!!


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Hello all,

I have been keeping a pair of crocodile skinks in an 18x18x12 exoterra vivarium that has a water feature and plenty of hides. Recently I noticed that the male skink had been acting strange so I removed him to examine him. I found several abscesses on his one foot as well as what looks like an exposed bone. His claw is completely missing and he is not using this foot when he walks. I believe that he has some kind of infection and I am not sure how I should treat it moving forward. I have removed him and placed him in a container with substrate, a hide, a water source and waxworms. I do not believe that he has MBD because he is moving fine and his bones seem to be strong but I may be mistaken.

I have attached the picture of him and his foot to this post.
Any help or advice that can be provided on what has happened and what I should do to treat it would be greatly appreciated!

image1 (6).jpg
image2 (5).jpg
image3 (4).jpg