Leopard Gecko feeding dish and eating challenges

[MENTION=59861]Herpin Man[/MENTION] ~

Your food dish recommendation IS a HUGE hit with Donovan!

Oh my gosh yes! He loves it so much!!! When I brought it out tonight to add more roaches, he came out and sat watching me fill it. And I didn't even get it put down and he was trotting over to that side of the enclosure. He climbs in and eats some and then climbs back out and keeps doing that.

On the less than fantastic side of things, he's not exactly quiet when he's climbing in and out of it. So today was the first time my one cat noticed him (prior to this she's been obsessed with watching the roaches, but she wasn't aware of Donovan).

Next few days are going to be very "festive" while I get her distracted.