AFT Substrate

I have read the caresheets here, reptifiles, among others however there seems to be a conflict on if people like using more of an arid substrate or more towards a tropical substrate even. What is your favorite prepared substrate for them? Or mix. I really don't want to mix my own from topsoil and playsand.


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I don't keep AFT's anymore, but for years I had them on coco fiber and misted them every evening. Another option is something called "ABG mix" (ABG from Atlanta Botanical Gardens who came up with the idea). Here's an article I found online about it:



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Do NOT use sand as a substrate. It can cause serious damage to their lungs. However, I have been using cypress mulch and sphagnum moss, which has been working well for me. Otherwise, if a moveable substrate is not desired, reptile carpets also are good, and a lot easier to feed geckos on, as the insects can't burrow.