Is anybody breeding or importing Cyrtodactylus peguensis?


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In 2003 I acquired a trio of C. peguensis from a store in Antioch, Ca. They were the ssp. that chirped. (C.p.z.) (C.p.p.)? At the time they were doing great, and started to breed regularly for me. Needless to say they quickly became my favorite species to work with. My wife and I made a military move from the East Bay of California to Washington State with them, and they did not fair well. Soon I was left with 0.1.5 and decided to sell them for other projects. Years later, my wife gets orders for Germany, and subsequently I had to sell off what was left of my gecko collection. Well now we're back in the U.S. and I'm determined to find another source for the, in my opinion, most interesting species of gecko that I have ever worked with. Finding breeders or importers that have them available, has become more of a daunting task than I anticipated. Any help, or referrals would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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