Ant problem! Help!


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For the past week and a half I have been battling ants getting in my Cresties terrarium and hogging the food. I have tried everything. Sticky tape, Vaseline, vinegar on the outside of the tank, dish soap around the outside perimeter. I don't want to use poison because I have other critters and am afraid either my Crestie or any of them would eat the ants and get poisoned themselves.

I don't know what to do. I'm at a loss. This isn't just one or two ants its hundreds. They only come out a night after a few hours (after I go to bed of course) when I feed him. I never see them come in but they just materialize over night. I'm worried that he won't eat because of them and the ants will pose a threat and gang up on him.

I've heard of mint getting rid of them but I have a cat and he loves everything that smells so that could pose a problem.

Any thoughts, hints, or tricks would be greatly appreciated.





I had stated I put Vaseline around the terrarium. I discovered that the ants were using the light cord as a super highway. I put Vaseline on the cord and they are no longer getting in. The ants in general are calming down as well. Thank you all for your suggestions and inputs. I greatly appreciate it.

Case Closed!!!
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I too would recommend moving the tank to a new room and try to eliminate the ants at their source. They need to be coming in from somewhere.


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The problem is that I don't know where the ants are coming from. They are every where. Just not as bad in other places but the food attracts them from the woodwork


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I had the same problem a few years ago. They got into my room, thankfully they only went after vitamin powder i spilled on the floor. There is probably a colony in the walls then. Happens a surprising amount in older houses. You may want to have the gecko stay at a friends house or a local exodics pet sitter. Probably need to call in an exterminator...


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Do you have a front-opening cage? If so, they're probably getting in through the front. I have been successful using spray oil around the top of the enclosure for an aquarium. It may work if you use the spray oil around the bottom of the enclosure. Also, consider putting a ring of boric acid (it's a white powder) around whatever the tank is sitting on. It won't affect the crested gecko and it does at least work to kill roaches since it's a desiccant (dries out the bug).